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We invite you to join us for a health-centered prevention-oriented experience. The focus of my practice is on you and your personal dental concerns. This practice emphasizes healthy gums, bone, teeth and bite. Dr. Charles Mayo said that keeping your teeth will add 10 years to your life. It isn't just about quantity though. Having healthy teeth will also add quality to your life. Have you ever thought about that? The number one thing my clients tell me is they want their smile to look good because it gives them confidence. Come see why you should place your confidence in me. Please take the opportunity to browse our website and learn more about our team, services and much more.


Dr. Durbin recently wrote an article that was published in the Journal of the Indiana Dental Association. The article illustrates the massive debt load that new dentists face and the importance of financial freedom. As you will read in the article, Dr. Durbin offers her account of how this freedom allows her to offer clients several choices based on their particular need. Without the stress or burden of debt, Dr. Durbin is able to see her clients as individuals instead of dollar signs.

Click here to read Dr. Durbin's complete article.




Kevin and Dr. Dawn Durbin with Sharon and Dave Ramsey at Entreleadership Master Series







To listen to Dave Ramsey's Endorsement for Dr. Durbin, click below.



To listen to Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership Master Series Endorsement for Dr. Durbin, click below.


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