Patient Testimonials


When going to visit my dentist was as stree free as visiting an old friend, I knew that I had found the right fit for me. Enjoying a healthy smile for a lifetime is just one of the nice benefits of this relationship. When more than a cleaning and exam are required, Dr. Durbin takes time to explain my different treatment options and helps me make the best decision for my overall health. The combination of informaton with genuine concern for patient wellness relieves all dental anxiety. Dr. Durbin's entire team maintains an environment of professionalism, while making me feel like an important individual. I love to refer my friends to Dr. Durbin because I know they will receive the same level of knowledgeable care as I do.



One of the first things I noticed at Dr. Durbin's was that the office was clean and well organized. The staff was friendly and very informative on the health and well being of my teeth and gums. Now I smile a little more and feel more confident when talking to others. People have made comments about how nice my smile looks and now that my dental health has improved, I feel healthier.




 My journey with Dr. Dawn Durbin began shortly after I moved to Corydon. I went in to meet her and had my first consultation. I had x-rays done and was given a plan of action. Over a period of 4.5 years I visited with 4 specialists from her team. I had a total of 3 surgeries, the last of which was a jaw reconstruction. Dr. Durbin's positive attitude and professionalism kept me on track. She even stood next to me during one of my surgeries and held my hand. She has an outstanding team that goes above and beyond in providing excellent care for their patients. I even received phone calls at home after my surgeries from Dr. Durbin. She checked up on me to be sure I was doing well. I now have the beautiful smile I only used to dream about! I am more confident when talking to people. I consider Dr. Durbin one of my close friends and am so grateful for all the effort she put into my case. I highly recommend her for any dental work anyone would need. She truly is changing lives "one smile at a time." I am blessed for having met her and all her staff. "Thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough. God bless each one of you. You have made a huge difference in my life.


 Mary Jo

Over the years, I have tried to take good care of my teeth and gums to ensure that I have a healthy mouth and bright smile. As a child, I had some unpleasant experiences at the dentist's office, leaving me a bit fearful and nervous. Dr. Dawn Durbin works hard to make her patients comfortable, explaining what needs to be done and carrying out the procedures expertly but gently.


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